Beware Neuro-Bunk

Neuromarketing is controversial to say the least.  The very idea that marketers might turn to neuroscience in order to develop brands and products that are more appealing is seen as innovation to some, but sinister and manipulative to others.  Of course, many of the criticisms the field attracts actually apply to marketing research generally, rather than that which involves neuroscience, but we must be as mindful of misperceptions as we are accurate and valid concerns.


How we choose to present our data is absolutely crucial.  The press may love a quick headline announcing that scientists have “proven” that watching Doctor Who increases your tolerance to alcohol on the basis of some obscure bit of biology, we all know it’s just stuff-and-nonsense – an attention-grabbing claim made based on a throw-away remark taken completely out of context.

In this timely and entertaining talk, neuroscientist Molly Crockett explores the issue of data presentation and exaggerated claims in neuromarketing research – a talk that all begins with the secret of happiness and a humble cheese sandwich.


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