Welcome to my humble corner of the web!  My name’s Mike Nicholson, I’m a Consumer Psychologist, Professor and Associate Dean at Durham University in the UK.   My interests are varied and eclectic, but typically centre around the decisions we take as consumers, as well as the various behaviours and misbehaviours we engage in.  Research projects at the moment mainly focus on neuromarketing and the omnichannel consumer, but I’m also rereading the complete works of Freud.  Academics are strange creatures…

Prior to becoming a strange academic, I had a “proper job”, with a successful career in the retail/service sector, together with a spell in the consumer electronics industry. Much of my current research and teaching work continues to centre around these particular sectors.

My aim in setting up this blog is to write about the things that interest me and my students, but hopefully the various posts and videos will hold broader appeal too.  Normal health warnings apply too… all views expressed are my own personal ones, they don’t necessarily reflect those of my institution, etc. etc. etc.